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A-PDF Rename

The Best PDF Renaming tools to Batch Rename PDF

  • Powerful complete batch PDF rename solution.
  • Rename using metadata (properties).
  • Check the detailed preview before renaming.
  • Batch change/update metadata.
  • Flexible name: use macro as name and metadata; use pascal-script to make your name
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A-PDF Rename is an extremely powerful complete batch rename solution, An incredible feature set includes rename multiple PDF document based on content, metadata and file attributes(Size, Datetime) within PDF files. You can batch change or update multiple PDF files metadata (title, creator, producer, author, subject and keywords) as well as.


A-PDF Rename also includes flexible Rules System, support for regular expressions, international character sets (unicode), unlimited undo and redo, complete rename automation using scheduling, command line renaming and more.



Why A-PDF Rename?


Rename using metadata(properties)
A-PDF Rename can use PDF files' metadata to change the PDF file name, include Title, Author, Subject, Keyword, Creator, Producer even file size


Rename using content

A-PDF Rename can picked up a piece of text inside PDF file to name the file. For example, you have a lot of invoice file, it can search the invoice number using the preset rule, then use the number as part of file name or metadata(Title, Author, Creator, Producer, Subject and Keyword).


Flexible name

There are two mode:

  1. Simple mode, use macro as name and metadata. For example, %Title% means the Title properties in PDF file.
  2. Advanced mode, you can even use pascal-script to make your name. For example,
       newFilename := LeftStr(Title,20) + ' by '+ Author;  
    The script will name the file using the first 20 characters of title and Author name. The resultant name may be:
    A Great Book by A Great Man


Batch change/update metadata

PDF Metadata(known as properties, meta tags) include Title, Author, Subject, Keyword and more. A-PDF Name can update metadata of PDF file as changing name. You can pass file name or part to metadata. It is very useful for Sony Reader which read metadata firstly, instead of file name.

Here are some screenshots of version 2.0 below

screenshots for A-PDF Rename

Three steps to batch rename PDF with A-PDF Rename